The Committees


The apartment committee organizes the setup of apartments for incoming players at the beginning of the season, during the season, due to trades and cleans them out at the end of the season. There is considerable lifting, climbing of stairs, and heavy work involved in this. The apartment committee work is the heaviest at the beginning and end of the season.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)

Merchandise Booth / Fundraising

Our most important area and lifeline of the club. We participate in fundraising events such as Red Wheel sales, Softball concession stand, player buttons, a club booth at the games, and so on. The fundraising pays for all other activities of the club. The Merchandise Booth is where the Club sells Novelty Items during all the home games. The Booth is open during Pregame for 1 hour and then during each of the two 20 minute intermissions. The Booth is manned by volunteers from the club. To sign up to help work at the booth, contact the Booth Chairperson. We sell items such as Player Photo Buttons, Keychains, Car Flags, Ducks and Pencils. Items from the Booth can be purchased at any home game or by contacting the Chairperson.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)


Parties are scheduled throughout the year. Committees are assigned for each party. All plans are set by the committee chairmen and sub-committees. We have a beginning of the year party, Christmas Party, skating party, and a end-of-season party. All players and staff of the Wichita Thunder are present at these Booster Club Events.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)

Corporate Sponsorship and Food Prep/Meals

We work with a variety of businesses to help provide support to the club. Businesses providing support to the club receive advertisement on our website and Facebook. Support from businesses include donations, price adjustments, use of facilities, meals, etc.  We also coordinate meals for Thunder players and staff for training camp and after home games. This consists of carrying heavy equipment, set up, cooking and staying late after a game to be sure all are fed and cleanup is completed.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)

Social Media

Wichita Thunder STORM Booster Club can be followed on Facebook.  Stay tuned for upcoming events and club information.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)

Hospitality /  Membership

The Hospitality committee  send cards to the players when they have things like surgery, death in family etc. Fix welcome baskets for the opposing team when they come the first time each season . Also, when a death or illness effects one on the Booster Club members, we send them a card.

This committee is responsible for updating and keeping track of our member database, signing up new members, taking care of membership packets, and membership badges.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)

Player Sponsor and bus trip food

The mission of the Player Sponsor Program is to foster new, and strengthen existing relationships between the WTBC, the Thunder Players, Coaches and other Thunder Staff Members through responsible and appropriate social interaction. It is also to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the players while they become a part of the Wichita Community. To become a Player Sponsor family, you must be a member of the WTBC in good standing for at least one year. The players will choose if they wish to participate in this program. This committee is responsible for distributing information to the players at the beginning of the season and during trades. This committee meets to go through the selection process. After the selection process is done, we inform the player/sponsor family and the player of their selection. We will also contact new players as they arrive during the season and allow them to participate in the program as well.

Provides meals to players when the team goes out of town. Committee members determine which menu items need to be purchased and provide the list to club members. Those who volunteer then bring listed items to a designated location before the team leaves.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)


The By-laws Committee updates and amends The Club’s By-Laws as needed.

Committee Chair: Executive Board (2023-2024)